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Food Science and Bioengineering
University of Missouri-Columbia College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

About the Café

Semester Events

Culinary Café is run by the culinary-inspired students and faculty of the University of Missouri's Hospitality Management Program. Located on the Mizzou campus in 154 Eckles Hall, the Café offers lunch during the semester and an Evening Series.

See our calendar (PDF)

Buffet Week in the Café April 21-24
All Buffets 11:00 a.m.-12:45 p.m.

Italian Buffet, April 21
American Buffet, April 22
Mexican Buffet, April 23
Wing Day, April 24

*Reservations are recommended. You may make reservations on the Culinary Café homepage.

*During Buffet Week, the Café will not be serving from our regular menu.